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FeePulse was created to address physician compensation in a cost-effective, fair, and centralized framework.

Our centralized solution allows organizations and professionals to save time, save costs, and ensure that providers have the access they need to compensation resources and processes.

We have found that utilizing a quality compensation method helps to drive positive change and tangible results in healthcare organizations and hospitals. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to create the best cloud-based solution possible that is data-driven with the most current and relevant information available.

Physician compensation models require an individualized approach, which is what FeePulse delivers seamlessly, every time.

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Introducing FeePulse: Your Leading Software Solution for Physician Compensation and Reporting

Our tool doesn’t just manage the administrative task of physician compensation. When you sign on with FeePulse, you unlock access to a full suite of tools, reporting capabilities, and industry-leading automation and integration. Below are just a few of the philosophies that FeePulse used to guide and align the creation of the platform, and what we hope to bring to every interaction you have surrounding physician compensation.

Creativity and innovation to the physician compensation model

Current physician compensation solutions were not bringing the quality and comprehensive solutions that individuals and organizations needed in order to adapt to the dynamic and challenging demands that healthcare poses. That’s why we offer data-driven insights, automated and performance-based systems that do the heavy lifting for you — as it should be.


Interoperability and integration that you can trust

Our model uses a rule engine that allows the manual elements of physician compensation to be accurately accounted for and automated — putting money back into your pocket and time back into your day. We also utilize an API integration that allows for easy data loading and more complex automation creation. With our model, you can complete all facets of the process; from physician stipend calculation to hourly rate disbursement — seamlessly.

User-friendly, accessible physician compensation solutions

Our software is cloud-based and is made as accessible as possible to healthcare organizations and physicians groups. We offer cost-friendly compensation solutions that also offer a user-friendly interface that your staff will love. With real-time dashboards and easy physician compensation reporting elements, your team will be able to navigate the platform in seconds with any information they need at their fingertips.

Enhanced client experiences for greater organizational success

Reporting and compensation for physicians can be manually demanding and draining on your resources. Switching to an easy-to-implement, streamlined solution can be a way to double your ROI at a fraction of the cost. We strive to ensure that every client has the resources they need to succeed when it comes to physician compensation and do this by offering a dedicated customer success team that’s available for you — 24/7.


FeePulse’s vision is to change the framework of physician compensation to a more transparent, easy-to-use, and comprehensive model.

We want to see the world changed for the better when it comes to compensation and reporting options for healthcare organizations and providers. FeePulse has partnered with many different organizations and has found that positive results come from clear, concise, and centralized compensation tools such as ours.

Meeting the dynamic needs of the medical field through outlined KPIs requires a clear compensation strategy for physicians, as well as integrated labor solutions that are digitized and cloud-based, allowing for easy management and implementation.

Your organization moves quickly — and that’s where FeePulse’s flexible framework and versatility can come in.

Are you ready to experience the difference in your organization?

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Absolutely. A physician compensation system helps you to easily maintain and assure that all compliance and regulations are followed in your process. With the implementation of digitization, you can also benefit from increased transparency when it comes to your compensation and payroll. Also, the recall and review function can be especially helpful when it comes to grants, taxes, or other such tasks that require instant and accurate recall.

Nearly any medical organization system can benefit from a physician compensation system. Examples of these include:

  • Physical therapy centers
  • Hospitals
  • Provider-owned practices
  • Single-provider practices
  • Urgent cares
  • Medical centers
  • Specialty centers and offices

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Yes, especially if you choose FeePulse! We’ve been able to host a maximum number of integrations in our software solution that makes us a top choice for providers of all types, enabling you to further service your stakeholders and team members.